Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Boyfriend's Wife

I blame Steve Harvey.....
I had been overwhelmed by statistics and news headlines and youtube videos declaring the end as we know it to black women finding men. I listended as everyone pointed their fingers at black women saying it was because we were too picky, had too much attitude, or that we were so consumed by being Independent we didn't know how to be a part of a partnership. So I decided to try something different. The next guy that put substantial effort into getting to know me, I would give him a chance.
I looked past the fact that he had 4 kids, 2 baby mamas and a rap sheet. I looked past the fact that he drank too much and smoked illegal substances. I even looked past the fact that he wasn't sexually explorative. I bought gifts for his kids, put money in his pockets even after he quit his job. I put gas in his car and worked more hours to get "us" back on top again. I thought man.... I must be making the big headed, jackass Steve Harvey proud....
Then he told me about his wife. The one he had been married to for six years. All of the nights we shared together, Or the late night calls that lasted for hours. How could he be married? I thought of all the sex we had... how many freaky firsts we shared with each other... How could he be married? I was angry at him, sure but more than any emotion in the world i just felt Sorrow for his wife.
This woman.. who i have never met but have seen pictures of on facebook. Is a hard working woman, and the mother of 3 of his kids. She deserved so much more than the man she married. And i just feel so bad that somewhere along the line someone sat her down and told her to settle and accept the bullshit. But as sorry as i feel for the situation and the role i unknowingly played... I have to say I am grateful for the learning opportunity. I dont have to settle for shit.
Dear Steve Harvey ......kiss my ass :)

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