Friday, November 20, 2009

Parking lot Pimping and other Dating Fails

Chicago men are not shy. Chicago women are... not shy. In a city where the effects of the recession is very apparent, Chicago has amazed me with the ability to make the most out of nothing. Don't have money for the club? Dont have any clothes to wear? In chicago that doesnt mean you cant have that club scene atmosphere.

Only in Chicago is it common practice for teens and adults to park at different parking lots and actually post up the entire night trying to meet and holla at people. Guys will park their hoopty to ballar cars at White Castles, Wal-Greens, Jewel-Osco and other random places, blasting music and trying to holla at ladies. Oh and lets not forget to make special note that these women dress like Lil Kim designed their clothes for them. You have to see it to beileve it. Crowds bigger than inside of 5th Quarter and Necto combined in one parking lot. Theres no fee to get in and its byob.

So why was I there and how do i know about this?.........

Ive learned not to smile in Chicago. Walking down the street with a smile, is like saying to every crazy Deshawn, Tyrone and Ceasar and even Jimmy that you are interested in them.

"Dayum girl you smiling hard, let me get your number?!"
"Awww I see you like Big pappi give me yo digits so i can keep you smiling."

"Girl you smile so hard, make me wanna give you a REAL reason to smile"

Ive learned to "Mean Mug" as an attempt to be more low profile and deter local homies from trying to "get on". As you may notice my vocabulary has increased too.

The dating scene is such a major part of Chicago that this wont be my last blog about it im sure.

Well im gonna go ahead and get back to "getting it in" while yall are just "getting on" what im talking about over here.

love life

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