Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dilemma of the Successful Black Woman

70% of black women are single. 42% of black women have never been married. There are 1.8 Million more black women than men. I don't even want to know the percentage of black men in prison or on the down low. When you take the time to acknowledge these numbers, and realize that for women the Higher in education she goes, the harder it is across all racial lines to find a husband... me currently pursuing my JD seems to be a nail in the coffin that is my love life.

As I watch Oprah, Dateline, and ABC televised specials... and i read Steve Harvey's Act like a lady, Think like a Man, or Jimi Izrael's the Denzel Principal.... it bcomes clear that its not just a state of mind. It is hard to find a man now a days especially if you are trying to find a black man.

Who is to blame? All the media would have you believe that black women are much like chilli from TLC, who has a long list of demands from penis size to what he must eat in order to be her man. But that isnt the case. Of course I have standards, as all women should. And I know that im worth the effort, so it becomes the dilemma of many single black women out there today... Why arent men reaching high or climbing further for those high quality apples at the top of the tree? While I know I am a quality apple at the top of the tree.. i know that gravity and age will wear an apple down and eventually ... well everything that goes up must come down right?

We shall see...



    Must Watch to understand where i am coming from

  2. yeah. I feel you... I have a BSN, I'm an RN... and yet still... I went to Michigan... yup... still... ::sigh:: I guess I need to grow and ass and titties?