Friday, November 20, 2009


After not getting any for a few LONG months, I ended my celibacy in the city of Chicago. New to the area, didn't know alot of people and the start of law school all was making me tense and yall already know from my first blog entry that the whole Tweet "Oops Oh My" was not gonna cut it. I needed the physical release that comes from hot, intense, sexual pleasure.

*Sighs, Another Greek. The org shall remain nameless but been there done that and dayum why did I go back for seconds? Anyways the physical interaction with this guy wasnt the best ive ever had (although ladies a bit of advice Always make him think he is the best you ever had :-) because he will work harder to keep the title and it strokes his ego whie he's stroking your.... ) Anyways the guy was flawless on paper.

No kids, good job, college graduate, property owner, had his own car, im so lucky i thought im kicking it with a real man. (IF a man seems to be tooo good to be true... dayum it girl pay attention). If he is dayum near 30 and single... theres a reason for it. As accomplished as this man was- the crazyness out of his mouth would encourage me to be celibate again. And we all know thats not happening again :-)

Arguements began when he told me that he wanted a baby momma before he got married, to test his future wifey to see how she handles having ties to him. I was so scared that he was trying to trap me that i had to be the one to buy the condoms and grab them just to make sure they werent tappered with. Then he had his view points on what it means to be the Man in the house- he went on to tell me that even if I made more money than him when i enter "his" house not OUR but His house my money was his money. And lets not forget the constant need to pretend to be more busy than he ever was. Im so busy i cant talk now, as he updates, myspace, facebook, twitter and his gmail status as to his new project of downloading the latest skype application and websurfing discounts. OH and how can I forget this balla of a brother was so accomplished and so amazing that its the topic of most our conversations, yet I was expected to pay for everything, including taking him on dates.

So why would I bother with the drama, and headache of something I knew was going nowhere? Maybe its because I care about him and have grown to laugh at his ignorant outlooks on things, maybe its because I value him as a friend despite how he treats me, maybe its because I believe that underneath the asshole cover is a caring guy who loves his frat, family and job, or maybe.. well ... maybe its... well...

All I can say is...... Dayum ... that dick is pretty good tho......

I wonder what he's doing right now... should prolly text him :-)

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  1. ::le sigh:: oh my damn wait... did I read this correct... u paid for him? at least go dutch... yikes as fuck my friend... yikes...