Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celibacy = Blogger's Block

Where have I been? Starting my blog was a fun and real way for me to say what I was really feeling and thinking. Gave me the control and freedom to call people out and to own up to and speak my truth. After writing a couple of my entries, I decided to be celibate. For those of you who follow me publically or privately, you have probably read my 1st entry, "A REAL Independent Woman" where I gave an 'inside look' at my masturbation attempts. Clearly not satisfied with that I discussed some of my sexual hunts whether successful or not but ulitmately decided I may be addicted to the Dick.

After realizing this, I decided to be celibate. Yes, me. As my family and friends heard my decision noone really believed that I woud do it. Well Fuck them.... 3 months has to count for something right? In the time of my celibacy, I started Law School at DePaul and moved to Chicago, still a wolverine but with a new zip code. With the new zip code, came new explorations, new dramedies and so much to speak on.

Chicago the land of successful brothers and achieving sistahs, the former home of caprini green and the ballers on the Magnificent Mile. The uppidy fogo de chao and the hood famous Harolds Chicken. This is my new home and im finally ready to share it with everyone.

Same rules as last time, I am going to be direct, blunt and honest so please dont email me or text me in shock. I am proof that even the "Good Girls" have stories and that the Michigan Degree, Community Service and Wealthy Background doesnt mean im not real. And law school has only made me that much more direct and real.

the celibacy blocked me from expression, but Im Back.

Are you ready?


  1. who in their right mind ever thought you were a good girl?

  2. Was wondering if u would ever post again. :)