Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things to know Before you Work....

I worked really hard writing papers and studying today. One step closer to graduation. Actually 2 days of class left and 2 weeks before my actual graduation, but first I have to get through these classes and finals. Because I worked hard, I felt it was my duty to play hard. I went to see one of the hottest hip hop groups in Ann Arbor hands down Cypher Affiliated.

quick plug check them out :

It was at this show that I spotted my mission of the night, a cute newly greek member who I had never laid eyes on before but intended to seal the deal with him. After bold flirtyness I learned we were going to the same party after the show. Excited that things were moving along I plotted on how to gain his attention for the night. I approached him at the party, told him that Aces do it the best and that he wouldn't be able to handle me. Of course he was ready to prove me wrong right? Of course. After showing him some of my best material and putting in WORK on the dance floor, we flirted back and forth most of the night. And when I say putting in work I mean, giving him just enough to know what moves I could contribute in a more intimate and private setting while still pretending like the focus is the dancing to music and not grinding on him.

Once things started to calm down I realized he didnt even ask me for my number. I recalculated. He did express all the essential signs to show he was feeling me right? Flirty vibes...check... frisky hands....check eye contact with a matching smile.......check. So why didnt he ask for the digits? After a while I gave up, hating that I gave him my best dance floor material but at least it was a workout.

A friend of mine at the party approached him and directly asked him why he didn't step up and ask for my number. Turns out that he didnt want to hurt his girlfriend's feelings who had been at the party the whole night.

So after spending most the party spitting game and putting in Work on the dance floor, sweating out my hair and pulling a muscle getting my "Stanky Leg" on, my lesson of the night, there are some things you should know Before you go to Work.


  1. lesson learned...
    oh and please check out the song "Werk It" by Thunderheist.

  2. you capitalize the weirdest things