Friday, April 17, 2009

A Real Independent Woman

As a student and soon to be graduate of the University of Michigan, I have prided myself on trying to develop myself in a way that would ensure that I would be an Independent and self reliant woman. A Soon to be law student, with my own car, career, ambitions and friends I felt like I was well on my way to being the Independent woman I envisioned. However, the last couple of weeks has taught me something, all of that is BS.

In the Peek of one of the most stressful times of my life, I've learned a couple things about myself. I need sex. Sex is this amazing experience where two people.....or more committ to satisfying each other. Its explorative, its adventurous and a great way to relieve stress. The physical and emotional release from it really encourages me to keep going. Being the Sexy superstar even if its just for a night can be just the stimulation needed to keep you going and to keep you fired up.

sigh....well when you dont have a partner that magic can't happen. Or can it? Men can resort to masturbating and so for my first official blog I will discuss the process of me trying to be the REAL independent woman, who doesnt NEED a man for anything.. not even ass.

So late at night I took out a pocket rocket (waterproof) and layed on my back. Legs apart and ready to get some. It was actually exciting thinking about the satisfaction I was about to get. I was told to buy lube, but Im naturally ...juiced up if you will so I didnt think it was necessary, but I was new to this so why the hell not? Soft music going and some of my sorority candles burning, I actually set the mood for myself. I inch the the pocket rocket in, lube in hand for back up and im ready for the ride.

After a few minutes of boredom, one of the biggest let downs this semester, I threw the pocket rocket back in the bag. The vibration just annoyed me and the lube made a mess so that I had to change my sheets. I Took a shower and placed a call to my ex-boyfriend, only to find that I interupted his date and acted as a cock block as well. I may not be a Real Independent Woman... but at least I wasnt the only woman Not getting any that night.


  1. OH.My.God.

    Remember that talk we had about me keepin my fro neat bc people knew we knew each other and you didn't want it fucking with your reputation?

    We need to have a talk.

  2. Keeping it real, keeping it real.

    The fact that you are willing to share these "TMI" details with us shows me how much you like to tell it like it is!

    and LMAO at the "pocket rocket"!? Never heard of that in my life until now.

  3. Just an FYI.... I skipped the second to last paragraph.... bastard lol.